Plant, Art, Colour and David Hockney

I think I have Seasonal Affective Disorder. IĀ feel really lethargic and low. I tried a light-lamp but that didn’t help. I thought about taking a holiday but I wanted to find a low-cost solution that I could try in London.

I read a book on colour therapy recently which talked discussed each colour at length and explained its symbolism and effect. I wanted to try incorporating colour into my paintings and plants in my subject matter.

Having grown up in tropical Singapore and Hong Kong till I was 10, I realised how much I miss the colours of the plants and vegetation. I decided to use art to recreate the vibrancy of plants. I used paintings by David Hockney as inspiration for the style, colours and design. By painting copies of Hockney, I hope to incorporate his style for my next piece. I found the process of using lots of different colours and shades to capture the tropical landscape of Hockney’s paintings really enjoyable and made me feel very awake and alert. I think working with colours has a profound effect that needs to be studied in greater depth and not just by advertising companies.


Image on the left: my painting inspired by a Duggie Fields print. Image on the right: my painting inspired by Hockney



My painting inspired by David Hockney

Photography: Joiners Project


David Hockney: Mother (Joiners Project) Capturing many perspectives of his mother. Rejects the single fixed perspective found in lots of art.


I found an Agave plant in a park near Waterloo. I took many photos and assembled it using PhotoShop to capture the different perspectives.


This one is more experimental capturing myself, the floor, the plant and the sky


I like the idea of printing all my photos and making a grid for my house to brighten it up


Experimenting with Colour. Mixing paints and making different shades. This was surprisingly a very relaxing activity and made me think more about the effects of different colours and how the shades of colours vary and alter its effect



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