Monster Art: Jimmy Saville, Sherlock Holmes Cereal Killer and Don Ken

Humans have always been fascinated by monsters. They are dangerous and disturbing but also very unpredictable which goes against society’s desire for control and order.

I thought the BBC Sherlock Holmes episode featuring a Jimmy Saville type character was fascinating and plays on how people are drawn in by money and showmanship. I also realised that the real monsters people fear are one’s that hide in plain sight. Ones that are so seemingly ordinary and normal and are able to evade being caught. What the programme did also highlight was how many people in positions of trust and authority allowed the abuse to continue by turning a blind eye.

I decided to make some experiments based on hidden monsters.


From my Sketchbook


Bed Bugs. They pounce in the night, sucking blood. They make people feel very dirty and they can be hard to get rid of. Hidden monsters.


Post-It note drawings inspired by Don Kenn


Cereal Killer Box mock up 1


Collective Monsters: Experimental Art made by the Group


With a few of us, we played consequences and passed sheets of paper around drawing different parts of the monster. I drew this one’s head.


We then started making the monster using plasticine. I made the legs and hands.


I then started a charcoal drawing with another girl. I did the legs and feet and went over the body and arms. We worked using a very large piece of paper which was satisfying to spread the charcoal around.



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