Skepta, Frieda Kahlo & Miscarriages


The British Grime Artist Skepta

I was listening to an interview with Skepta, one of the biggest British grime artists, and he mentioned a few years ago that his partner at the time had a miscarriage. I found this unusual and touching that a man would discuss this in public as it is normally such a private affair. He explained that losing a child had a profound effect on him and he felt that he learnt a lot about himself and how irrelevant fame and other trappings were compared to having a baby. I have included the interview at the end of this post – highly recommend listening to him. He seems like he’s a deep thinker, very intense but mature and he knows his own mind. I found it really fascinating. His voice is really strong and being a Londoner, I love his accent.

With regards to making art, I am interested in making a piece about miscarriage. I had a nightmare about having a miscarriage a few weeks ago and I think that it’s something that I can’t imagine but it really frightens me. I think wanting a baby is such a primal, instinctive urge in many people and having something you are growing inside of you to die must be incredibly intense and painful. I think as a woman, I have deep-seated fears of not being able to have a family or being able to create artistically. I think the dream showed me these fears but also I think it’s important to know your fears in order to face them.

I was drawn to Frida Kahlo’s work, she made incredible paintings about her miscarriage.  Frida wanted children and I think she used her art to help her grieve for the loss and pain of this. Kahlo reminds me of Tracey Emin who uses art to explore areas of female life that many consider to be private or taboo.


Frida Kahlo Henry Ford Hospital 1932 Oil on metal panel


Interesting interview with Skepta:


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