The Daily Mail and the Power of Words

Looking at monsters this time which companies are considered monstrous. Many people believe newspapers are there to report facts and tell the truth but in this capitalist world, the most highly read online newspaper ‘The Daily Mail’ titillates, tells tall stories and bends the truth. Why? To sell papers and encourage high readership.

The stoking of fears and playing on prejudices is unbelievably powerful. Complex stories are reduced to heroes and villains. I once worked as a researcher for a film-maker and felt uncomfortable at how you had to endear people towards you so that you could get your story.

I was playing around with letters and shadows and thought that the E looked like a character from a film. Something sinister and menacing.

I was on the train the other day and heard someone make a racist comment about an Eastern European woman. The lady on the train told her, “You’re not even English…Get back to your own country!” The lady who said this was remarkably well-spoken and I felt so shocked hearing this because she was appeared to say it without remorse and without care of consequences. It is not the Daily Mail’s fault that people make racist remarks, pre-Brexit racism has been under the surface and been more hidden and dormant. However, I feel that post-Brexit the Daily Mail is responsible to some extent in painting certain groups in society in negative ways: namely immigrants, foreigners and Muslims.

I think what frightened me about observing this incidence of racism was that I was so shocked I didn’t say anything. I wonder if that makes you complicit if you are passive and don’t challenge racist comments.



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