Mexico, Tequila & Frida Kahlo


Mexico inspired by Hockney

I spent six months in Mexico and would highly recommend a trip.

I stayed in Ciudad Guzman, a sleepy small village surrounded by mountains, volcanoes and lakes. I ate the most amazing nopales (chopped up cactus spread on a taco shell) that apparently’s really good for you. I drank tequila with sprite most nights which probably would offend lots of mexicans but it was so delicious. I did try mescal which wasn’t my cup of tea. Ciudad Guzman is quite rural and I was given raw fresh milk which I added some mescal to disinfect. That was actually delicious.


I saw this painting at a friends house and was struck by how it reminded me of Mexico. I think this is actually of Arizona or some state in the US

I visited Guadalajara and Playa Vallarta on the Pacific side which was fun and reasonable.


My painting of Frida based on her self-portrait

The real highlight was visiting Mexico City and seeing Frida Kahlo’s house and garden. The rich colours, cacti and art was incredible.


Inspired by Mexico and Hockney

I would also recommend visiting:

 St Cristobal in the state of Chiapas which has beautiful colonial style Spanish buildings and a high number of indigenous Mexicans selling their homemade textiles, ceramics and jewellery. Frida Kahlo, who was half German, adopted the style of the indigenous Mexican population by wearing their traditional clothes. This was contrary to many of the Mexican elites who looked to Europe and America for their style, politics and culture.

Guanajuato, for the Museum of the Dead (El Museo de las Momias). It may be gruesome to look at the mummies but I found it fascinating and the town itself was lovely to visit with great food.

Oaxaca, for the museums, cathedrals and gardens.

Tulum, for the pristine sand and beaches.



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