Travel Tip: Visit Windsor Great Park


Inspired by Baba Yaga’s Hut, chalk drawing by me

Windsor Great Park is a magical park (with a feel of a forest) very close to London. For many years it was used as the hunting ground of Windsor Castle. It is vast with many different areas and includes deer lawns, small woods, rivers, lakes, gardens and lodges.

It is an park that holds ancient oak trees whose roots travel deep, it is a park with so many secrets and mysteries. I have spent some weekends staying the night in the park and going for walks at all times of the day. There are so many mysterious trees that remind me of the haunted trees in ‘Stranger Things’.

Strange grotesque enlarged fungi grow on dead wood that look disconcertingly like ears. It’s a place for your imagination to go riot – to feel like a child again, where the landscape is a portal to another realm. There are amazing walks to discover, and it’s such a welcome break from the hustle of the City. I am sure Witches held covens there, there are so many places to create and make strange rituals.

I am interested in British plants, taming the wild and creating art through gardening. See below for more pictures:


Where vegetation takes over structure; a house in Hampshire


Succulents and frost


A riot of colour in late Autumn


Colour, structure and shape


Witches looking out and down at us; very old doodle


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