Meghan Markle, Breasts and Sculpture

I am fascinated by the idea of Princesses. Many girls grow up wanting to become one and we are taught to imagine and dream about finding some handsome, wealthy young man in order to live the fairytale.

Meghan Markle, an American actress dating Prince Harry, has received an incredibly negative response from social media and apparently by some news organisations as a result of her colour and because she has already been married. I’m fascinated by the idea of purity and how Meghan’s been painted as a scarlet woman for having slept with other men and for being mixed race she has gained much negative sexual comments and remarks.

I created a ‘Mother or Whore’ sculpture as I am interested in womens role in society: to mother and feed the young but also to attract men and to sexually satisfy them. The breasts here are really exaggerated but I was interested in making them a statement: breasts perform incredible things, they can feed a newly born baby but also they can be a statement of female expression – see free the nipple movement.


Mother or Whore by me


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