Tracey Emin, Louise Bourgeois & All the Monsters I’ve ever Met

I am interested in creating art work that explores personal subject matter, feminine realms and the unconscious.


Louise Bourgeois The Family

I recently visited the Louise Bourgeois room at the Tate Modern and was fascinated by her surreal and powerful art works. Whilst she is most famous for her spider and sculptural hanging body parts I was drawn to her drawings and paintings.

I like the idea of confessing or revealing intimate parts to the viewer. Tracey Emin is most famous for this in her installation ‘The Bed’ that caused outrage amongst the media for the inclusion of dirty knickers and condoms. I like the idea of provoking with the every day and showing women in different lights. Emin’s tent is really beautiful, the use of cloth and stitching everyone she’s every slept (as in fell asleep with) with is really interesting.

Emin tent

Emin’s Tent

I am working on monsters and decided to doodle all the monsters I’ve ever known and met. Some of these drawings were characteristics of friends, families and people I’ve known and some of them are characteristics within myself.


All the monsters I’ve known by me


Close up of Doodles


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